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The Wednesday creatives is an Auckland-based wedding videography company, passionate about capturing your beautiful moments in the most authentic way possible. The name Wednesday Creatives has come from a wives tale that says the luckiest day to get married is a Wednesday! Although not many get married on a Wednesday, we hope to bring some of that luck with us!

meet the faces

My name is Laura and I own and run the company. I've been doing videography since primary school, I was always forcing siblings and neighbours into my short movies! So it was no surprise that I grew into videography, and now am lucky enough to do it full-time. My second shooter is my marvelous and creative sister Emme. We both absolutely love making films that capture beautiful and real moments and love turning them into something meaningful for the two of you. Our aim is to bless others.


first shooter | Business dealer


Fun facts

x enneagram 4


x addicted to g&ts

x loves a sunset

x favourite dessert is chocolate mousse, and ill fight you for it

x weird obsession with the sims

x paneer tikka masala all the way


second shooter | sister

Fun facts

x enneagram 3 (sometimes a 4)

x will drink a beer with ya

x loves a laugh

x real mean at surfing

x a great artistic eye

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