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ceremony & speeches
live streaming

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Whats involved

why get a professional live streamer?

​Coverage of Ceremony and/or speeches only. Please enquire for continuous event stream over one hour. One hour would be typically enough to cover a full ceremony video or a speeches video.

  • One livestreamer.

  • One camera. 

  • HD video. 

  • Internet connection.

  • One clean audio feed connected to the event microphone/celebrant. 

  • A private personal webpage to host live stream provided with URL in advance.

  • A copy of the live stream.

  • Travel within Auckland.

$899 per hour, minimum 1 hour

A lot of couples would choose to have their live stream over a webcam or on their cellphones.


Cons of doing your own live stream:

- Less than ideal audio (barely able to hear the vows let alone anything else)

- Less than ideal quality (inability to zoom in, and at the mercy of your cellphone or webcam quality)  

- Potential for the live stream to drop out and unable to fix it in time. 

- Having a distracted wedding guest (whom you've asked to be the live streamer) stressed over your live stream.

Pros of getting a pro live streamer:

- Fantastic audio straight from the microphone, to hear every word crystal clear. 

- 1080p quality with a beautiful lens to zoom in close and be able to clearly see the bride and groom and any guest speakers. 

- A private link on this website so that if the live stream drops, everyone has the new video in the same place so there's no confusion for the watchers.  

- Every wedding guest can enjoy the wedding day.  

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